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Get to Know Me
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About Renee

Broker, Owner at Your Mortgage Needs

Renee has been in the financial industry since 1997. She began working for the Big Banks and in 2003 decided to go on her own and become a mortgage broker. She has never looked back!

After over 22 years in the financial industry and assisting over 3000 clients, Renee considers herself an expert in mortgage lending. She takes pride in ensuring that each client that works with her is treated equally, regardless of their circumstances, and has a passion for educating and guiding each client through the mortgage process.


This is one of the largest loan transactions that most of us will ever go through, and it is important to feel that you as a client are not left to handle this on your own, or even worse, not understand what is happening throughout the process

Why Use a Mortgage Broker

The Benefits

Mortgage rates and products are constantly changing, and the Canadian market is more competitive than ever before. By working with Your Mortgage Needs, you can access all your mortgage options with just one phone call, one application. We work on your behalf to find the right mortgage for your situation, and as an independent brokerage, we can place your mortgage with whatever lender is the best fit for you.

  1. Our services are free – no cost to you (*O.A.C)!

  2. You will have access to the interest rates the banks don’t want you to know about! Brokers send lenders millions of dollars of new business each month, they always offer the deepest discounts which are passed on to you IMMEDIATELY – whether you are purchasing, refinancing or renewing

  3. We shop the market to save you time – Calling us is like calling over 50 different Banks, Credit Unions and Trust Companies.

  4. We are available on your terms – day, evening and weekends

  5. Minimize your mortgage payments with us and you could win up to $100,000 in our Minimize Your Mortgage Sweepstakes*


Mortgage Options

Explore the option that aligns with why you are looking for a mortgage, our experienced team is here to help you make the next best move.

Buying a Home

Purchasing a new home, whether it is your very first home or your ready to “move-on-up”, is a daunting task. Here you will find information and resources that will help you through this process.

Renewing or Refinancing

When it is time to renew your mortgage, your existing lender will offer you moderate discounts. But Your Mortgage Needs can help you find the right option that prevents more money from leaving your pocket.

Investment Properties

Purchasing an investment property is rapidly growing and becoming a preferred investing method. Because real estate values tend to appreciate over time, it is typically considered a secure option to invest in.

Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages are its own unique class of financial products. These are different because there is no standard methodology that all lenders use to underwrite them so they require a lot more strategy.


Mortgage Solution Resources

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