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Our Options to Support Your Journey

Buying a Home

We can help make the biggest purchase of your life easier! Purchasing a new home, whether it is your very first home or your ready to “move-on-up”, is a daunting task. Here you will find information and resources that will help you through this process.


Getting pre-approved is a quick and painless process that will give you with an idea of how much you can afford. Having a pre-approval is beneficial to have to show lenders and seller that you are serious about buying a home when it is time to make an offer. In a competitive real estate market, a pre-approval could give you the upper hand if the competing buyer does not have any pre-approvals in place.

After providing the necessary income verification and supporting documents, getting pre-approval can be completed within 24 hours.

First Time Home Buyers


Being a first time home buyer is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You have planned and dreamed of it for so long that when the time has come to finally make the biggest financial decision of your life, it all seems so surreal!

Your Mortgage Needs can help you start the process of home ownership and build a foundation for a better future. Investing in your own home is essentially investing in yourself; by building equity and eventually getting a high return on investment. Whether you are recently graduated, just married or simply tired of throwing your money away into rent every month, our team is committed to providing answers to all your mortgage questions.

With our unbiased advice, our team is dedicated to working closely with you to find the best mortgage solution for your needs!

Consider Your Options

Our knowledgeable team at Your Mortgage Needs is ready to help you make the right decisions. We understand that no two buyer is the same, and will work together with you to find the best mortgage financing options that suits your needs. Whether you are buying or selling, our advice will allow you to make the right decision.

Keep in mind, you have options!

From choosing the right mortgage to paying for the expenses associated with your home purchase, Your Mortgage Needs can offer you real options. Our team can provide you with useful advice if you have questions like “What if I break your mortgage contract?” or “Will I lose my low interest rate when I sell my home?” Whatever your questions or concerns are, our team can help you assess your current mortgage and find the best course of action for you.

Give us a call or submit your questions through our contact form.

Buying a Home

Investment Properties

Apartment Complex Landscaping

Purchasing an investment property is rapidly growing and becoming a preferred investing method. Because real estate values tend to appreciate over time, it is typically considered a secure option to invest in.

Just like purchasing a home for yourself, investing in a property involves several factors that should be considered before moving forward. These factors can determine the return on investment on the property. Depending on your goals and needs, it is important to look into the variables when choosing to invest your money in a property.

Some questions you should ask yourself are:

  • “Am I going to hold onto the property for an increase in real estate value before selling?”

  • “Am I going to make profits within a few months by renting out the property?”

Depending on the area, each investment property come with certain outcomes that require the right expertise and knowledge. Your Mortgage Needs can answer some of these questions and provide you with options of what is possible.

Investment Properties

Renewing or Refinancing

When it is time to renew your mortgage, your existing lender will offer you moderate discounts. In most cases, you would sign a letter that was received by mail and be done with it. This may sound easy and painless, but you may have lost thousands of dollars by doing this over the new term of your mortgage. Your Mortgage Needs can help you find the right option that prevents more money from leaving your pocket.

Let The Equity In Your Home Work For You

Refinancing your mortgage can be a great option for you if you are thinking of tackling that long-planned home renovation or if you have been wanting to take that dream vacation. Maybe you want to start planning for your children’s education or you want to pay off your credit cards. These can all be worked into your refinanced mortgage.

To learn more about what your options are and find the best solutions for you, contact our team. Our networks of lenders can get you the best rates and terms so you can utilize your home equity even further. It’s just one way we can get your mortgage working for you!

Cooking at Home
Renewing or Refinancing

Commercial Mortgage

At the Office

Commercial Mortgages are its own unique class of financial products. These are different because there is no standard methodology that all lenders use to underwrite them so they require a lot more expertise to successfully put together.

Lenders typically underwrite each commercial mortgage transaction according to the merits of the proposal and the financial strength of the borrower. Once the lender is satisfied with the risk in funding the commercial mortgage or project, they will then decide on price.

Contact Your Mortgage Needs to find out how you can build your next commercial project.

Commercial Mortgage


Mortgage Calculators

Take a moment to input your information to find out how much you can afford and what your monthly payments could look like.

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